No, the Interior, exterior and the furniture is totally upto the franchisee based on his/her budget. Although the company helps in providing the 2D, and the layout, based on that the interior, exterior need to be done from the franchisee side locally, the team is continuous in touch for any small- big doubts/queries.
GST, FSSAI, Local Shop establishment license, Fire license, Trade license. “Gumastha ( in case of Maharashtra)”, you can take help from your CA regarding this.
No, the 1st step towards getting the franchise is getting TOKEN from us. The token is basically a nominal booking amount, i.e. INR 40,000+ GST (47,200) for the Xpress model , INR 50,000+ GST(59,000) for the Premium model. This booking amount is a part of the total franchise fee only.
No, the company provides you trained chefs with backup. The number of chefs depends upon the Size and the Menu of the particular outlet. We highly recommend you to keep local housekeeping staffs, to reduce the chefs’ pressure, and smooth working in the café.
Yes, every brand charges royalty on the percentage basis. We have a fixed royalty system per month for all our brands and ventures depending on the models. In the lieu of the royalty, we provide you chefs and digital marketing support.
Few technical things like the Coffee Machine, Deep Fat Frier, Pizza oven, Griller, Small Equipments, Take Away Packaging and uniforms, JTC Blender, and the Software will be from the company side only. Rest you can get locally