Coffee Shop and Café Franchise Opportunities in Jharsuguda, Odisha

Owing a coffee shop franchise in Jharsuguda will be much more rewarding to you than doing a traditional job. With the country witnessing a dramatic surge in the number of coffee lovers, your coffee business will surely flourish if you open your coffee shop at an ideal location in this city. If you live in Jharsuguda, you might have seen many people chatting and having work meetings in the coffee shops. Today, coffee stores have become the ideal spot for the youth to hang out with friends. Thus, a coffee business is a smart venture as it will yield you higher returns, and that too with a minimal investment required. However, a coffee store franchise is much more beneficial than opening your own coffee shop. If you are a newbie and still want to make a foray into this industry, you can contact Coffeecana straight away. We offer the best coffee café shop opportunities in Jharsuguda to you as per your requirements. Our coffee franchise cost is within your budget so anybody can dream of owning a coffee shop in the best locations of this city.

Why a Coffee Shop or Café Business in Jharsuguda?

Jharsuguda is a district in Odisha and is a major industrial hub of this state. It is connected with the major parts of the country and is called the “Powerhouse of Odisha”. There are many industries in this district such as aluminum, power, steel, etc. It is also popularly known as “Little India” due to its diverse language, culture, and demography. The infrastructure of this city is developing day by day. Thus, opening a coffee business here will provide you with higher returns. Let’s know about a few reasons to get a coffee shop franchise in Jharsuguda: –

Educational Infrastructure

The educational infrastructure of Jharsuguda is on a constant rise. Most of the schools and colleges in Jharsuguda are run by the Government. However, some schools are also run by private trusts. The schools in Jharsuguda are affiliated with the Odisha State Board, CBSE, etc.


Jharsuguda district has a rich cultural heritage. People flock to visit this place from different regions of the country. Many festivals and fairs are celebrated here such as Nuakhai, Bhai Jauntia, Rath Yatra, etc. Of all the festivals, Nuakhai is the most important festival here. In this festival, people gather and eat together and younger ones take the blessings of their elders. Another important festival is the Rath Yatra which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in all the villages and towns of Jharsuguda. During the festivals, there is a heavy rush in the markets and the road. Thus, anybody who is opening a coffee shop here will be able to generate higher earnings.


Jharsuguda is one of the most important industrial cities of Odisha which is home to several industries. The city is rich in coals, fire clay, and quartzite. Apart from these minerals, deposits of white sandstone, granite, and limestone are also found here which contributes to the economic growth of this city. Some of the industrial units that are found in Jharsuguda are Bhusan Power and Steel Ltd, Vedanta Aluminium, Tata Refractories, etc. Other products that impact the economy of the city include leather, Kendu leaves, leather, wood, etc. Due to the continuous economic growth of the city, opening a coffee shop in Jharsuguda is one of the wisest decisions to make.

Tourism Sector

The tourism sector of Jharsuguda is also on the rise. This city has innumerable tourist spots that attract tourists from all over the country. Some of these tourist spots are Koilighughar Waterfall, Adyaswambhu, Bikramkhol, Kolabira Fort, Ushakothi Cave, etc. Jharsuguda district has many temples such as Shree Pahadeswar Temple, Shiva Shrine of Jhadeswar Temple, Shiva Shrine of Mahadebpali, etc. A lot of tourists visit the tourist places of this district which provides a perfect setting for you to open a coffee shop in Jharsuguda.

Shopping Areas

Jharsuguda is also the perfect place for shopaholics as there are many markets that the tourists explore when they come here. Many people buy Odisha clothing from here at the best rates. There are a variety of markets that offer a great shopping experience to the visitors. Central Bazaar is one of the most popular markets that offer a variety of things for tourists. Right from household accessories to baby items, you can buy everything here that you might need during your stay in Jharsuguda. Apart from this, there are other markets to explore such as Mundra Vastralya, Sarabhal Market, etc.

Due to the economic growth of the city, Jharsuguda is an apt place to open your coffee shop. However, if you want to associate with a brand, then Coffeecana is always there to help you in establishing your coffee venture. We offer a low-cost coffee shop franchise opportunity in Jharsuguda which is in sync with your budget. Don’t miss this opportunity and get the help of our valuable marketing strategies now. Contact Coffeecana today for more inquiries!

Why Choose Coffeecana for a Coffee Shop Franchise in Jharsuguda, Odisha?

  • Minimal Investment: – You can buy a coffee shop franchise from us without breaking the bank. Join us and start your coffee venture with a small investment today.
  • Higher Earnings: – Starting a coffee store franchise in Jharsuguda through us will help you get higher returns. Due to the unending popularity of this beverage, there won’t be a dearth of customers at your coffee shop.
  • Support and Training: – Coffeecana stands by you at each step. Our professionals help you with their comprehensive training programs, operational guidance, and marketing support thereby making your coffee venture a success.
  • Brand Recognition: – Coffeecana is a well-known brand that is synonymous with quality services. Our customers have unwavering trust in us.

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