Top 10 Coffee Franchises In India with Rates

The coffee café market in India has thrived in the past two decades and will see an upsurge by the next year. It is expected that the coffee market in India will grow to Rs. 4540 crores by the end of this year. And, in this blog, we include the names of the top coffee café franchise in India that are going to be part of this rewarding business. 

Cafes are one of the most beloved places of every age group. Be it students, corporate employees, or couples, everybody loves to spend time in cafes enjoying their coffee with delectable snacks and pastries. People chose the place to hang out with friends, meet with clients, and even have a romantic date, making it less challenging for coffee shop owners to find customers.

If you plan to start your own business, go with the coffee shop business. This business is rewarding and profitable. However, the tough competition in the market by well-established brands makes the process of starting and running your coffee business more challenging. Being an aspiring entrepreneur, you will have to bring something unique with trust for your customers. With the right franchise opportunity, the entire process becomes easier. Franchise business in India is flourishing and you too can be a part of this.

Check Out the list of Top 10 Coffee Franchises in India with Rates

If you are worried about investing all your savings in the coffee business in India, then do not worry. Many franchise opportunities lie under 5 Lakhs investment. This means you can initially own a franchise business with a minimal investment of Rs. 5 Lakhs.

The blog includes the top 10 coffee franchise businesses in India with their franchise fees, infrastructure requirements, support offered by franchisors, and other details that a person willing to enter this lucrative industry would like to know.

1) Coffeecana –  The Most Affordable Coffee Franchise in India

The first one on our list is one of the most renowned and affordable coffee shop franchises in India – Incepted in the year 2020 in Varanasi, Coffeecana has made a remarkable market value. From the ‘Xpress Model’ to the ‘Premium Model’, you get too many franchise opportunities in different models to start and run your own coffee business in the country.

The company offers four different franchise models with costs ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs. 15 Lakhs. And the infrastructure requirements range from 100 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft. You can choose from the following Coffeecana franchise models.

Pocket Model

  • Area -100 sqft to 150 sqft
  • Investment – 5 lac to 7 lac
  • ROI- 10 to 12 month
  • Royalty – 3%

Xpress Model

  • Area – 200 sqft to 300 sqft
  • Investment – 8 lac to 10 lac
  • ROI – 12 to 16 month
  • Royalty – 3%

Premium Model

  • Area – 300 sqft to 600sqft
  • Investment – 12 lac to 15 lac
  • ROI – 18 to 24 month 
  • Royalty – 5%

From selecting the best location to providing equipment support and sourcing manpower, Coffeecana assists you in kickstarting your venture.

2) Barista – The Best Coffee Franchise in India

Founded in the year 2000, Barista is one of the leaders of the coffee café industry in India. It is a chain of espresso cafes and bars in the Indian subcontinent and headquartered in Delhi. The company has outlets across India and other countries as well. If you are looking for a branded coffee shop franchise in India with a moderate investment then go for Barista. They assist their franchisees in all stages from design to the layout of the business, outsourcing staff, training of staff, marketing support before and after the launch, food and menu development, and much more.

To buy the franchise, you will pay the franchise fee which may cost approx. Rs. 5 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs. However, the further investment will cost another Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs. An approx. 650 sq. ft to 1000 sq. ft. space is required for this business.

If you are worried about the investment price, then calm yourself down because you are going to get the 92% value of the revenue as well. This means if you have generated a revenue of Rs. 2 lakhs in a month then you will retain approx. Rs. 1,80,000 out of it and the franchisor will only take Rs. 20,000.

3) Starbucks – The Popular Choice for Entrepreneurs 

Starbucks is one of the most known brands in the coffee café industry all over the world. Since its inception, the company has shown continuous growth and now it has several outlets in almost 30 countries in the world. This has grabbed the attention of aspiring entrepreneurs who want to set up their own businesses. The cost of a Starbucks café franchise varies depending on various factors such as location size and type of the store.

The estimated franchise cost of Starbucks is INR 6 Lakhs. You will also require an investment of Rs. 6-10 Lakhs to operate your business. The ROI guarantees Rs. 2-3 Lakhs per month.

4) Indian Coffee House – The Popular Franchise Chain of Coffee Shops in India

This franchise chain has almost 500+ outlets all over India, this coffee house has a considerable presence. It is a restaurant-based franchise managed by a group of cooperative organizations. Well, it was started in the year 1940, during the British rule. Though it has seen many ups and downs in the entire journey, however, the chain of franchises gradually expanded across the country.

With an INR 3 lakhs, you can buy the franchise and pay 0% royalty fees. The total investment required to start and run your Indian Coffee Hosue in India is approx. Rs. 5 Lakhs. You must have 200 sq. ft. space for the shop.

5) Unique Brew Café –Top Franchise Chain of Coffee Cafes in India

It’s a famous brand in the coffee franchise chain businesses in India that takes pride in the tools and procedure that makes them who they are – Simple but unique coffee cafes. It brings the opportunity for all the young and aspiring entrepreneurs, who want to kickstart a profitable venture with low investment. They are backed by an expert support team for operations and technical consulting all over India. From the establishment of your business to running it successfully, you will get complete assistance from them.

The business was founded in the year 2011, however, it franchising since the year 2019. Well, they have less than 10 franchise units all over India but they never fail to please their customers by providing a true Italian café atmosphere. If you want to buy the ‘Unique Brew Café’ franchise then it will cost you INR 3.5 Lakhs and an initial investment of Rs. 10 Lakhs is required.

6) The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Global Roaster and Retailer of Specialty Coffees and Teas

Originating in California in the year 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a renowned brand in the coffee café franchise chain globally. This has more than 1000 outlets worldwide. With 50+ years of experience in the coffee business, they have built a strong and complete infrastructure. They offer extensive franchise and training support to their franchisees. If you want to invest in a well-established brand in the international market, then The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the best franchise opportunity for you.

This franchise costs INR 50 Lakhs to 1 Crore. Further investment will cost 50 Lakhs to 1 Cr. And you will have to pay the franchise royalty fees which is approx. 9% of the total revenue generated. The store space should be 700 – 900 sq. ft.

7) Frespresso Hospitality Pvt Ltd – Fastest Growing Coffee Café Business in India

If you want to start your own business with low investment then partner with Café Frespresso and be a part of India’s fastest-growing coffee business. They offer their franchisees comprehensive training and full marketing support. The name of the brand itself denotes ‘fresh coffee’. Frespresso is the combination of the two words – Fresh and Espresso. The entire menu of the outlet is produced with high care using only good fresh products.

There are approx. 50 outlets of Frespresso across the country. If you want to run your own Frespresso store then buy the franchise at the cost of Rs. 3 Lakhs. The total investment for the store requires INR 10-20 lakhs depending on the size of the store. But, you must have a space of 100 – 1000 sq. ft. for the store.

8) Café Chocolicious – A Place of Happy Memories

Initiated in the year 2014, Café Chocolicious strives to be one of the best coffee cafes in India. The café is not just a place to enjoy coffee and delicious food but also a place to create cheerful memories. They build an extraordinary café by handpicking handmade chocolates. And, put their 100% effort and create a smooth workflow. The business provides its franchisees with initial equipment setup and gathering raw materials to commence their business. Later, with proper training for staff and advertising for social media, they help the outlets to grow and thrive in the industry.

The franchise cost of Café Chocolicious is INR 3 Lakhs with a further investment of Rs. 5-10 Lakhs. For the store, a space of 200-300 sq. ft is required. The best part of buying the Café Chocolicious franchise is its ROI which is approx. 60-80%.

9) NYC Queens Café – Best Café Franchise to Buy

NYC Queens Café is one of the best cafes in India bringing the pinnacles of popular cuisines from all around the world. This is one of the most popular cafes amongst youngsters, who are the key customers of coffee shop businesses. If you want to thrive in this lucrative world of coffee shop franchises then go for a famous brand like NYC Queens Café.

To buy the NYC Queens Café franchise, you will have to pay a franchise cost of Rs. 5 Lakhs. Later, the business requires an investment of approx. Rs. 20 Lakhs. Unlike the other franchise businesses, here you get a 100% return on investment. To open your coffee shop with NYC Queens Café, you need a space of at least 200 sq. ft. The franchisor share will be 1-10% of the revenue generated in your store.

10) The Chocolate Room – Best Chocolate Dessert Café

The Chocolate Room presents a business model that is as tempting as the rich aroma of cocoa, offering entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to leverage the universal love for chocolate into a profitable venture. With the promise of high margins and minimal investment, it provides an accessible pathway to success, making entrepreneurship dreams a reality for many. The business model is not a gamble but a time-tested strategy, developed and refined over the years, guaranteeing that your business can thrive and flourish. What sets The Chocolate Room apart is its unwavering commitment to support and mentorship, ensuring that you are not alone on your entrepreneurial journey. They offer valuable insights and guidance, assisting you in handling and operating your business effectively, and granting you the flexibility to customize your offerings to suit your local market. So, as you embark on this sweet adventure, you’re not just entering the chocolate business; you’re stepping into a world of delightful opportunities, poised to elevate your business to new heights of success.


Overall, there are several Coffee Café Franchise opportunities in India, but the brands included in the above list are perfect to collaborate with. The rates of coffee franchises vary depending on the store type, size, and the location where you want to set up your business. The above list includes the top 10 coffee franchises in India both domestic and international brands making a remarkable status in the Indian coffee shop industry. Their franchise costs range from INR 10 Lakh to Rs. 50 Lakhs. Select the one that aligns with your business goal and suits your budget.

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